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NaNoE v2 – Beta 1: Update 1

This week we can start taking a look at the inner working of how Beta 1 could potentially work. This is a more complex update, it can just talk about the structure in a more programming oriented manner.

UI’s Current Testing Structure
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NaNoE Updates

We have a few small updates to NaNoE at this point in time.

There isn’t any important reason, it literally came from my edits for my first novel. I notice it would need addition and I then add it.

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NaNoWriMo 2019: Progress 3

Apologies for the delay in giving this week’s update. Last week was too busy, but on the side note: don’t forget to update your word count daily. I didn’t miss days this NaNoWriMo, no. I just missed updating the count on the website.

I just got to 39004 words at the moment of this post, a third of the month is left for my 50k!

Ignoring that, I really want to bind the first half (last year’s NaNo novel is literally the first half) to the second half. I have the dream, already, of publishing my first novel. We’ll get more into that towards the end of this November!

As another helpful comment, I just described a giggle to the alien race today. It was fun to write up in the simplest manner.

NaNoWriMo 2019: Warmup Step 2

So, as you will have seen, I did things that added slight delays to writing practice every day in Step 1. We will still continue with sharing my strategy, in order, so you might work out what you need to do for this November.

Today, we will step off the computer for the first half. I will teach how I mapped the plot out in 2018. Next, I will show how to map it out in NaNoE for ourselves. This is being done by me early this year so you can take the time in October for yourself.

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