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NaNoE.V2 is my novel writing software I started to create in mid 2020 to replace NaNoE. The aim is to make an easier interface to use for writing your novel for things such as NaNoWriMo.

Download: In Development

Current Beta: NaNoE.V2-1.0.0-beta4

Source: github edg3/NaNoE.V2

Please note: To use files saved in NaNoE please export them as word, then Import – Word Document, you will be asked to do things to the format.

Since this is in beta1 it wont be shared here for how to use it. The interface and interaction aims to never change unless where needed. Take note, there will be a way to configure the theme, and perhaps layout, in the future, which isn’t part of beta1.

Please note, any comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome. Especially currently as it can start being used.

Important notice: Export – All Data to TXT is needed for bug fixing. While all tests don’t show any problems – be sure to back up your work, also double check what you do for now, please.

Personal notice: I am currently using beta1 to edit Accidental Distances.