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Writing Prompt: 3 April 2020

NaNoWriMo.org has been putting out challenges for keeping yourself busy, I’ve been watching the writing prompts mostly and decided that the prompt that came on 3 April 2020 is what I would like to write:

Message from NaNoWriMo HQ
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Introduction to Programming

One might be looking at moving towards computing at a later stage in one’s life, what I’ve noticed is that usually the tutorials that are found can be a little bit troublesome. As someone that came into computing at a young age, I understand the way the computer works more than most of your typical people.

In 2016 I gave introductory lectures for students in Computer Science Major at a few universities here in South Africa. I learned right then and there: while something in terms of what computers do may make sense to me, it could be a “little too deep” for others, so to speak.

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Taking a Jab at Character Traits

The idea for writing a post weekly has several flaws for me. I simply stick to an attempt to only post whatever I’m successful in. Sure, it may perhaps be alright to always show what I succeed with, yet I still fail to manage my dream of at least one post a week.

Dropping into my blog’s writers block, so to speak, I have found and compiled a list of ideas for what I might post about. To start that out, and fix my missed weeks so far, today we will consider the idea of character traits.

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NaNoE v2 – Beta 1: Update 1

This week we can start taking a look at the inner working of how Beta 1 could potentially work. This is a more complex update, it can just talk about the structure in a more programming oriented manner.

UI’s Current Testing Structure
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edg3 ZA: Episode #100

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the episode 100 in our single player survival series.

I share it above in the video, I just figure I should also put it here, please note the world is downloadable in the description.

Enjoy your Minecraft 1.15.1 adventure taking a look at the world. I’m definitely considering new ideas, and catching up on old ones I haven’t completed yet.

Please be sure to let me know what you think would be a cool idea, it’s awesome to have such a simple relaxing hobby!

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