Privacy Policy

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Who, and what, we are

This blog is personal at request of my therapists, it helps my recovery in tremendous ways. Be sure to take a look at my other content as well.

Data Collection


We use cookies solely to track site visits and interactions for improving user experience.


The only analytics I care about are visits, number of uses, and suggestions which fit certain special cases.

An example of this is through Active e-Fitness. All we track is ‘Country of Origin’, along with ‘Time spent using the app to do a routine’, as well as ‘Routine adjustments and creation’ so we can upgrade it in the future to offer more valuable workout routines.

Who we share your data with

Only a selective small set of data is shared:

  • Hits to on my year end summaries
  • Active e-Fitness: Total time spent in routines per country, visible on its own page.

How long we retain your data

All data is retained indefinitely.

Where we send your data


Additional information

How we protect your data

Nobody else has administrative access. I will not divulge any information aside from the sharing mentioned above.