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A glimpse at my minimal world

edg3 ZA is my new attempt at building a YouTube channel this year. I would love to get people viewing my content, even if it is for the kids of family and friends that enjoy Minecraft. We have a few other games, I am just slowly but surely increasing my content quality as it is a decent hobby.

It isn’t too large currently, but it doesn’t even need to be. It helps me stay completely sane to be able to do things (such as building¬†things).

My main series playlist.

I will share the videos I upload as posts to the blog. If you don’t mind, please be sure to check my channel out. My main content will be episodes for my “edg3za” Minecraft world, I would love to build up my skills building in Minecraft that I had in the past.

Any comments (and/or tips, suggestions, etc) are appreciated. As you will have seen in the first blog post: I would love absolutely any assistance with this.